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APAC Monetary is one of the largest digital publications and online media dedicated to banking and finance professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

Where do we distribute our content?

We distribute our content to various digital media channels such as news websites, Google News, Apple News, Flipboard, Zyyne, Joomag, Scribd, Slideshare, Calameo, Flipsnack, Medium, online microblogging sites, digital magazines, social media, and video channels. APAC Monetary is the only online publication with multiple partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

What kind of stories do we publish?

We have two kinds of narratives.

  1. Personal – We’re writing and vlogging inspirational, funny, and educational stories about the lifestyle and experiences of banking & finance students and monetary professionals.
  2. Professional – We’re also featuring the business side of the financial sector. We publish the latest trends about banks, investment houses, lenders, brokers, stock markets, finance companies, real estate brokers, insurance firms, and financial technology companies (FinTech) worldwide.

Our market segments

We have four market segments


  • Large commercial banks, community banks, credit unions, and other banking entities.
  • Retail banking, commercial banking, and investment banking. personal banking, retail banking, checking and savings accounts, mortgages, loans, and credit cards, investment services
  • Corporate, commercial, or business banking.
  • Investment banks, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), and underwriters.
  • Capital markets, wealth management, tax advisors, mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
  • Buying and selling of stocks and bonds.


  • Stocks and bonds, assets under management.
  • Hedge funds, mutual funds, investment partnerships, investment fund community.
  • Private equity funds, venture capital providers, impact investors, and angel investors.


  • Life insurance, disability income insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and other property insurance.
  • Insurance agents, brokers, underwriters, and reinsurers.

Tax and Accounting

  • Auditors, accountants, and tax filing professionals.
  • Currency exchange and wire transfer services.

Software, Machines, and Information Technology

  • FinTech
  • Robo-advisors
  • Software vendors, machine manufacturers, and OEM
  • Credit card machine services and networks
  • Financial apps

Who is our audience?

Our readers and raving fans are investors, venture capitalists, stock traders, bankers, finance professionals, business management & accounting students, and employees from various monetary institutions. They are our primary audience.

Our curious fans are the consumers and people who transact with the financial services from banks and other financial service providers. These patients are our secondary audience.

We also feature stories about FinTech, insurance, bank loans, commercial loans, lending company, impact investing, alternative financing, stock market, taxes, capital funding, savings, and other monetary topics. The geographic area includes but is not limited to the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Australia, and other financial hub countries. They are our tertiary audience, and most of them are our advertisers.

Advertising and Marketing for Finance Sector

We provide marketing solutions and digital advertising for business managers, entrepreneurs, investment houses, insurance, banking, and finance companies. We have the most cost-effective marketing, whether you are a person, company, or non-profit organization within the finance sector.

  • Backlinks and link building for the websites of banking and finance companies, auditing and accounting firms, vendors, suppliers, financial corporations, or a brand.
  • Guest posts for finance professionals and finance companies.
  • Magazine ads. Want your CEO to be on the front cover of a healthcare magazine?
  • Banner advertising for manufacturers of ATM, software, and OEM companies.
  • Bad publicity removal on the internet. Yes, we can remove bad articles about you or your company.
  • Content writing. Our banking and finance writers worldwide can write a technical thesis, financial reviews, product descriptions, and even about your love life.
  • Paid articles for car insurance companies, FinTech, credit cards, and other allied financial services companies.
  • Press release for private & government institutions, conglomerates companies, and non-profit organizations.
  • Social media content is managed by accounting students, bankers, certified public accountants, auditors, financial advisors, investors, bank tellers, and other business professionals.

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APAC Monetary is a brand owned by GineersNow Inc., a Lincoln Martin Strategic Marketing subsidiary based in Dubai.

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